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What is Inside the Heartfelt Training Center

We’ve broken down the training into three major categories to help you create excellence in your business and life. This training was setup to be 100% flexible to fit around your schedule and go through at your own pace.



Some things you will find on the inside:

What you need to do within your first 30 days

Essential basics to getting your foundation set up



Some of the sales training you’ll find inside:

The plan for having conversations that count

How to have accurate follow up

Putting in place your goal setting system

The why and how of building a strong list



Some of the leadership training you’ll find on the inside:

What top level leaders to do grow personally & professionally

What top success tool to use for your business

How your values can help you grow your business

Scott & Shauna Ekstrom Peterson

Your Training Leaders To Help You Grow

Shauna and her husband, Dr. Scott F. Peterson, are top leaders with an innovative, growing network marketing company in the health and wellness field. Shauna is a “Founding Executive” and has a tenure of over 20 years with the same company; in the profession since 1997.

Their goal is to help as many people as possible realize that they can re-claim their hopes and dreams, and explore many options in life.

Learn at the Heartfelt Training Center

training leaders to help you grow

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